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Right Ho, Jeeves (P.G. Wodehouse)


Great story. Makes me laugh just thinking about it.

A couple of small things: an hilarious exchange between Bertie and his Aunt Dahlia by telegram, full of misunderstandings, which reminds me very much of text message mis-communications I've had.

I seem to be enjoying stories recently where the protagonist or the narrator is an idiot. Bertie takes himself very seriously and yet he's not very bright. A more-or-less decent fool with a good heart but not very bright. This story revolves around him wanting to prove he's just as intelligent as his butler - and failing of course.

Well worth a read. In fact I 'read' this in audio book form via a web site called An interesting project: to create a library of audio recordings of every 'public domain' book, and to make them freely available on the web. The reading in question was not perfect. The American reader didn't get all the pronunciation right, but he clearly loved the book and that was the main thing. I really like the idea that anyone can contribute readings. Some books are read by a different reader for each chapter. I downloaded the audio files and listened to them on my mobile phone.

Favourite (approximate) quote: "Aunt Dahlia had one of those [...] voices that would make grown men climb trees and pull them up after them."

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