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Autumn Sonata


Good God! I just saw this Bergman film, Autumn Sonata, and I'm amazed by it. Whacked. Stunned.

I saw it on a DVD I borrowed from the local library, and at the end I could barely crawl off the sofa. Felt like I'd been whacked in the chest. It's like Bergman watches with his eye and the characters reveal themselves. What else can they do in the face of that steady, empty eye?

It is mostly a two hander, with Ingrid Bergman playing the mother, and Liv Ulmann the daughter.

I could tell you the entire plot and it would not tell you anything. The plot is not really relevant.

I'm sorry, I'm not making much sense. Still reeling...

It's like a play, you know. You could imagine it on the stage, ...but that's not relevant either...

If you like films that are not gentle with you, that grasp your chin and turn your face to the mirror, and hold it there while you blink and squirm, then you'll love this one. I expect some people would absolutely hate it, but then that's kind of the point.

I don't know how he does it. It's a film for God's sake. How does he get so close to life in a film? I am failing to get anywhere near it in words... It's useless... Just see the film.

Copyright 2004 Paul Mackilligin