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Milanese Courgettes with Cheese...

The recipe...


  • First get your courgettes. If you can't buy any courgettes in your locality, then use zuchini. Nobody will know the difference.
  • Chop the courgettes. Now, I chop courgettes this way: cut off the top and bottom of the courgette, and then, holding the cougette at about 45 to the surface of the chopping board, chop vertically down, so that you cut off a wedge-shaped piece about as long as it's wide. Next, turn the courgette about its longitudinal axis through 90, and chop vertically downwards again to produce another piece - again about as long as it's wide. Continue like this, turning the courgette before each cut, making sure to turn the courgette 90 each time in the same direction. You should end up with a pile of courgette pieces of a strange, nameless, multi-faceted shape, which turns out to be the best shape for frying.
  • Fry the courgettes in a big, heavy frying pan in olive oil,
  • When cooked, melt some cheese on top and serve.

Copyright 1999 Paul Mackilligin