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Slow Cooker #2...


The one I use now is a really cheap one I got from Robert Dyas in Banbury some time in January 2005 I think. It has an illegible signature on the front of a famous chef I've never heard of (Paul Somebody perhaps...?) It's round and cost 14.99. I don't suppose you can get them any more but they are SO perfect for porridge I went back and got another as a spare.

The recipe shown for the Morphy Richards slow cooker still applies, but this new cooker has a better temperature for porridge. It has two cooking settings and a 'keep warm' setting. The instructions clearly state that you should not use that setting for cooking, but I do. The manual was probably written before the unit was designed, let alone made, and the 'keep warm' setting is perfect for cooking porridge overnight. Anything from eight to fifteen hours at that setting is fine.

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